Home News – Summer 2017

Don’t know where to start with smart home technology?

Is this the year you make your home smart? Today’s smart home products are easier than ever to install and use.

If you’re wondering where to start, why not begin with smart home technology that can save you money. Smart thermostats can reduce unnecessary cooling and heating expenses. Smart lighting can help you curb your energy consumption and reduce your electric bills with technology that helps you control your home’s lighting remotely via a smart phone app.

Smart home security is another popular trend with security cameras, smoke alarms, door locks and other smart products controlled remotely to protect your home whether you are near or far.

As the number of smart home devices increases, hubs such as Apple’s HomeKit, Samsung’s SmartThings and Google’s Thread, can help connect multiple smart home devices under one platform, simplifying your smart home experience. You may also have heard a lot of buzz about smart home integration, which goes hand-in-hand with hubs. Integration means multiple products are able to work along with one another.

Coldwell Banker is the only global real estate brand with Smart Home certified agents. Talk to your local representative to get insights into the growing trend of making homes smart.

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation. All of the thousands of Coldwell Banker professionals from coast to coast are incredibly proud to represent local communities through over 200 independently owned and operated offices across our country. Our network was built upon a legacy of serving Canadian home buyers and sellers for over 70 years. We’re honoured to have played our part in the growth of this country, and along with our fellow Canadians, we celebrate the diverse culture that is home to us all.

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

The Rule of 3 in Home Staging

Home staging is one of the most important aspects of the selling process. There are several tips that your Coldwell Banker professional can provide to help make your home appealing to buyers, but some sellers may want to go the extra mile to make sure their property stands out among other homes for sale in the area.

An easy and affordable way to perk up a room can be accomplished when choosing colour patterns for furniture and accessories. For example, homeowners who have dark couches may want to add a splash of colour to the room in the way of a bright vase, picture frames, flowers or other accent pieces. When it comes to actually decorating, homeowners should remember the rule of three. This refers to placing no more or no less than three items on a table or small furnishing to add interest, without making the area look either too crowded or too bare. On side tables, for example, consider staging a book, a lamp and a candle to add some colour and balance.

Whether staging your home for sale or simply decorating your current home, your Coldwell Banker professional can be a wealth of valuable information about how simple improvements can impact your home’s resale value and maximizing your home’s impact without breaking the bank.