Outdoor Living – Backyard BBQ & Good Conversations… by: Edit Kasza


We live in Canada where we enjoy nature’s beautiful four seasons. The price we pay for it is that we have limited time to enjoy our backyard. We might as well make the most of it. Set up a nice comforting outdoor living area where we can end the day with a relaxing evening in our backyard. Or get together with our friends and family for a backyard BBQ and a good conversation.

We can create an outdoor living room. It can be the extension of the indoor living space. There is no need to set up an outdoor kitchen if we can build a patio which opens from the indoor kitchen with easy access to the fridge and the kitchen sink. However, a good BBQ grill is a must to make those delicious veggies, burgers and steaks.
There is an endless selection of comfortable, durable, and very attractive outdoor living furniture. There is one for every taste, size, and budget from the small balcony to the whole outdoor living room and a fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

If there is enough space, the daybed is a must with comfortable cushions. Have it in a sleek contemporary pattern with bright colours to cheer you up. Or use earthy colours to create a more relaxed environment.

Everyone loves to sit and relax on a swing. What is better than chatting with a friend over a nice refreshing drink on a swing? Swings can be small enough to fit on a balcony or large enough to sit 4-5 people. Those are the ones that can be used as a daybed also.
We need a table as well. It can be a coffee table, a dining table and/or a couple of end table. It is a good idea to have drawers in the outdoor tables. On a windy day it can be very useful to hide napkins, magazines or anything the wind can blow away.

Besides the comfortable daybed, and swing set we need chairs. Good outdoor folding chairs are not just practical to bring out for extra guests, but can be taken with us to an outdoor concert, or sports event.

Then there is the outdoor kitchen we are all dreaming of. It starts with a great BBQ. We can build an outdoor island with a sink and some storage beside the BBQ grill or we can have an L shape outdoor kitchen custom designed to suit our taste, available space, and budget.

Good lighting is just as important in outdoor living as it is in any interior space.

We can make the whole outdoor living experience complete with a sound system and an outdoor TV. It is also a good idea to create an area for children.

One of the most convenient outdoor home accessories is the outdoor shower. Outdoor shower is ideal for a quick shower after gardening, bathe the dog or just cool down.

In a beautiful autumn evening when it is already a bit chilly you can still enjoy your outdoor living area with a good patio heater and extend the outdoor experience longer.

Nothing is more serene than a well maintained garden. It is even better if we created it, and nurtured it day after day. ENJOY THE OUTDOOR LIVING!

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