Spring is a good time to prepare your year-round plan to reduce your energy consumption. The key to a realistic energy savings program is to keep it simple to start: make a list of the easy improvements you can do by yourself at little expense. While you’re at it, note the major energy saving jobs that are long term and may require expert help, such as replacing windows.


1) walk around the house and look for any winter damage to window caulking and sealing

2) hot weather is on the way so make sure your air conditioner is serviced and ready to go

3) consider installing ceiling fans to reduce the need to use your air conditioner

4) check outdoor lighting fixtures for winger damage. Clean fixture covers and confirm you are using energy efficient bulbs

5) install motion sensor lights or programmable timers for outdoor lights

6) clean or replace furnace filters

7) if you have central air conditioning, seal the seams of accessible furnace ducting with duct tape to ensure more cooled air reaches its destination

8) vacuum the condenser coils on your refrigerator and freezer

9) turn off the power at the panel and vacuum lint from the clothes dryer motor, drum and exhaust hose

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