During periods of hot weather your energy usage climbs substantially, especially if you use air conditioner, a dehumidifier, or have a backyard pool. Appliances, like refrigerators, must work harder to maintain a set temperature during hot weather.


1) use low voltage or solar outdoor lighting for landscaping.

2) the same insulation in your attic that keeps you warm in winter also keeps you cool in summer. Make sure you add attic vents so hot air can escape.

3) use curtains or blinds to shade windows. You could consider installing awnings.

4) use a ceiling or portable fan to help circulate cooled air.

5) put a timer on room air conditioners if there’s no one at home during the day.

6) if you have central air conditioning, maintain the temperature between 24C (74F) and 26C (78F). Install a programmable thermostat. You can set it to turn off the A/C when you leave for the day and then turn it back on before you return.

7) put your swimming pool filter on a timer or turn it off on cooler summer nights.

8) use a solar blanket to keep swimming pool water warm overnight.

9) clean or replace furnace filters.

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