How has the real estate market place changed?

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A lot has changed in the real estate world over the past few years. Understanding those changes can come in handy for anyone entering the market for the first time in a while, especially when looking to down-size. Here are a few of the key ways the real estate marketplace has changed, and how these changes may impact buying or selling a home.

Buyers and sellers have more access to info. Today many buyers can look at online resources like the Multiple Listing Service® at to see what homes are available for sale. The accessible, up-to-date system is a big upgrade from paper-based listings. It is also a great idea to take the time to learn about the rights and protections available to consumers during the real estate process. The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) website is a good place to start.

Real estate professionals are more accessible. Cell phones and mobile technologies have made brokers and salespersons easier to reach. Now when guidance or advice is needed, real estate professionals can be quicker to respond.

Commerce can be conducted electronically. Contracts can be signed with electronic signatures, offers can be submitted via email, and money can be transferred electronically too. This can make the buying and selling process more efficient.

Real estate professionals can offer specialized service. Different age groups may look at real estate differently and have unique needs when it comes to buying or selling. There are now brokers and salespersons who specialize in serving different age groups such as the boomer market.

One thing hasn’t changed: the knowledge and experience of a real estate professional can be very valuable when you’re buying or selling your home.

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