Do I Still Need To Do A Home Inspection?

It’s not too late for a Home Inspection

Alden E Gibson RHI ACI NCH                                       September 8th, 2017

Over the past year and a half many homes were bought without a home inspection. The market was hot and we saw a buying frenzy. Most conditions were dropped especially the home inspection. If you saw me on CTV News in July, I was doing inspections for people after they moved in. To their disappointment significant items were found on the inspection. The good news is that they are aware of these issues now and can address them as their budget allows or they list their property for sale in the future. Their goal was not to get caught off guard when they go to sell their home in the future and the inspector finds issues at that time.

Now the market is quickly cooling off and home inspections will be back on the table. Protect your investment. A thorough inspection now will give you direction on what to expect in the future. You will understand when major items will be coming up for replacement and you can budget accordingly. We may also find the unexpected and possibly costly items that could disrupt the sale of your house in the future, allowing you time for corrective action. A good inspection will also point out safety issues and give you good maintenance tips to maintain your investment.

Alden E Gibson RHI ACI NCH

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