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Home News – Summer 2019 issue

Affordable kitchen ‘facelifts’

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so investing in a few affordable upgrades here can not only add to your enjoyment, but potentially improve your home’s resale value.

As a general rule, the more visible an improvement, the better your chances for a good return at resale. For example, a new water heater won’t have the visual impact of a new sink and faucet. A fresh coat of paint is one of the least expensive ways to refresh your kitchen’s look, so why stop at just the walls? Repainted cabinets or tile paint on your backsplash are a great refresh that can deliver one of the best returns on your investment. Don’t forget the finishing touch of replacing your handles with updated hardware.

Lighting is also an affordable way to improve the look and function of your kitchen space. Under counter lighting can illuminate your workspace and add ambiance to your kitchen, while pendant lighting can add a modern flair.

Not sure what’s worth doing? Gary & Debbie, your Coldwell Banker professional, can advise you on how changes may impact the future resale value of your home.

Canadian forecast upgraded for 2020

Canada’s real estate market will experience growth both this year and next, according to the latest industry forecast. On June 14, The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) upwardly revised its national forecasts for 2019 and 2020. CREA predicts national MLS® home sales will rise by 1.2% this year, to reach 463,000 units. Sales are expected to improve by a further 4.4% next year, with 483,200 homes expected to be sold in 2020.

Prices are also expected to edge up next year, with the national average approaching $490,000. For a closer look at sales and prices in your area, contact Gary & Debbie, your local Coldwell Banker professional.

Consider resale value when you buy

Buying a home can be a great long-term investment, but sometimes homeowners find they need to move again within a short time. That’s why it’s so important to consider a property’s potential resale value when you buy.

Your local Coldwell Banker professional can share valuable information about the average price of homes in your market, historical appreciation of one area versus another and planned developments that may affect property values in the future. They can also advise you on what features may increase – or potentially reduce – a home’s value and appeal. This includes features already in the home or future improvements you may be planning. So when it’s time to buy, remember to talk about resale with Gary & Debbie, your Coldwell Banker professional.

Home News Spring 2019

Welcome Spring with a bright entry

Your front door is the focal point of your home’s exterior, so what better way to welcome spring than with a new look for your entrance. Your home can put on a bright new face with some inexpensive improvements, such as a repainted front door, urns and planters with a show of colour, a new welcome mat and perhaps even an upgrade to your exterior lighting.

Improving your home’s curb appeal is an important factor in resale value. Prospective buyers looking at your listing often make their decision to buy in the first few moments. To learn more about how to show off your home to its best advantage, contact your Coldwell Banker professional.

Home sales and prices to rise in 2020

Canada’s real estate market is expected to edge higher next year, according to the latest industry forecast. The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) predicts national MLS® home sales will rise by 2% in 2020, to reach 459,400 units.

Prices are also expected to edge slightly higher next year, to reach a national average of $490,800.

Of course, this national overview is the ‘big picture’. Home prices can vary between communities, within neighbourhoods, or even on the same street. For a closer look at sales and prices in your area, contact your local Coldwell Banker real estate professional.

Thoughts on timing the market

Buying a home can be a very complex process. Some buyers think the best strategy is to try to time the market, but this can be an unwise approach.

Your housing investment shouldn’t be looked at in the same way as you’d choose stocks or bonds. Housing values typically appreciate over time, so it’s best to look at it as a long term investment. Buying for lifestyle reasons, as opposed to trying to realize a quick profit, will help ensure that you’re viewing home ownership in the right context.

Instead of trying to time the market, waiting for a perceived window – and potentially missing out on the perfect home – buyers should focus on their own lifestyle needs and buy when the time is truly right for them and their family.

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