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Thank You From One4Another!

On May 11th, we participated in the Annual Run 4 Another, hosted by One4Another International, at Bechtel Park, Waterloo. The purpose of this run, was to raise money to help children in Uganda that require surgeries to correct club feet and other debilitating conditions. With your help, The Baverstock Team raised over $1,800; the run itself, raised over $40,000.

Message from Glenn Pascoe, co-founder of One4Another International:

Dear Gary & Debbie,

I’ve recently returned from Uganda and wanted to send along this thank you from the kids who are currently with us in the clinic for your fantastic fundraising during our recent run.

I am always overwhelmed by the needs of the children but take heart that even if we’re not able to fix the problem we are almost always able to make life at least a bit easier for children that are burdened by both the weight of poverty and disability.  Thank you for making it possible for the work of One4Another to meet the needs of the children that come to us for help.

I hope you’re having a fantastic summer so far!


It’s Not Too Late To Donate – Run/Walk so that children in Uganda can too!!


hosted by One 4 Another is here!

Would you like to help us get kids up and running in Uganda? This year’s Run4Another Walk/Run was held Saturday May 11 @ 9:45 am at Bechtel Park in Waterloo. We had a fantastic time. Approx 290 runner/walkers came out.

The Baverstock Team’s 2019 Team goal is $1,800.00. If you wish to donate, click here. It’s not too late. We would love to surpass our goal!

One 4 Another provides surgeries for children in Uganda. Top fundraisers are matched with a child on their waiting list.

How far does the money you donate actually go?

$50 = all transportation costs during child’s recovery

$100 = all medical tests, meds, transportation, crutches, braces for a child’s recovery

$250 = hernia surgery

$250 = clubfoot treatment (infant)

$500 = clubfoot surgery (for child)

$800 = osteomyelitis surgery (severe bone infection)

$1000 = double clubfoot surgery (older child)

$1000 = complex birth defect surgery (i.e. imperforated anus)

This is a fun event with the proceeds going to a worthwhile cause. For more information about One 4 Another International, visit their website.