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Way To Go, Junior!!

This past May, Coldwell Banker Gary Baverstock Realty participated in the annual One4Another’s virtual 5 km run/walk, otherwise known as Run4Another. With your help, our Team raised almost $3,000. Those donations were used to pay for Junior’s surgeries. Let us introduce you to Junior:

Junior is a 2-year-old boy who was born with an anal malformation.  He will require two surgeries the first of which will happen in July.  The second one will be several months after the first.  He was born with no anal opening.  He was given an ostomy at birth to save his life but his mom can’t afford to get this defect corrected.  He needs an anal opening created.  Once it heals he will need a colostomy reversal after which he will be able to pass stool normally.  These surgeries will significantly improve the quality of his life.  Life in Uganda is hard enough let alone living with an ostomy.  These kids suffer a great deal both physically and socially as they often become outcasts due to the mess and smell.  Each of Junior’s surgeries will cost $1,000.  $2,000 of the donations raised were put towards Junior’s surgeries.  

Junior M ARM.jpg

Here is the last update on Junior that we received from One 4 Another International.  Junior, who had to get his Hb levels up, was finally ready to have an operation to create an anal opening (he was born with no anal opening and was given a colostomy at birth).  He is now recovering well and his mom will manage his healing with sitz baths and dilation to prevent a reduction in size.  Once he has healed he will be ready for the final operation to correct his condition which is a colostomy reversal so that he can relieve himself normally.
We could not help these children with your generous support.  These operations change almost everything for these kids and bring so much joy and relief to the parents.

Junior M post reconstruction.jpg

Thank you again for all your support for this worthwhile organization!!

It’s Not Too Late To Donate – Run/Walk so that children in Uganda can too!!


hosted by One 4 Another is here!

Would you like to help us get kids up and running in Uganda? This year’s Run4Another Walk/Run was held Saturday May 11 @ 9:45 am at Bechtel Park in Waterloo. We had a fantastic time. Approx 290 runner/walkers came out.

The Baverstock Team’s 2019 Team goal is $1,800.00. If you wish to donate, click here. It’s not too late. We would love to surpass our goal!

One 4 Another provides surgeries for children in Uganda. Top fundraisers are matched with a child on their waiting list.

How far does the money you donate actually go?

$50 = all transportation costs during child’s recovery

$100 = all medical tests, meds, transportation, crutches, braces for a child’s recovery

$250 = hernia surgery

$250 = clubfoot treatment (infant)

$500 = clubfoot surgery (for child)

$800 = osteomyelitis surgery (severe bone infection)

$1000 = double clubfoot surgery (older child)

$1000 = complex birth defect surgery (i.e. imperforated anus)

This is a fun event with the proceeds going to a worthwhile cause. For more information about One 4 Another International, visit their website.