Home News Summer 2020

Canadian Home Sales Rebound

Canadian home sales have rebounded more quickly than many had expected, to return to normal levels in the month of June. According to statistics released on July 15 by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), national MLS® home sales rebounded by a further 63% in June, returning them to normal levels for the month – some 150% above where they were in April. National Inventory of homes for sale has reached a 16-year low, prompting high competition for available listings.

Based on preliminary tracking, CREA predicts an even stronger July ahead. Of course, this is just the national picture. For a closer look at real estate sales and pricing in your local market, contact your Coldwell Banker professional.

Energy Smart Ways to Beat the Heat

During the hot days of summer, many Canadians open their energy bill with a sense of dread. Here are a few tips to help you beat the heat as you save on energy costs:

  • Reduce direct sunlight by adding shutters or blinds.
  • Consider an exterior awning to create shade.
  • Ensure your attic is well insulated. This can save both cooling and heating costs.
  • Consider replacing poorly insulated windows, a major culprit in energy loss.
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat

Little things can add up to big savings over time. Wondering what energy-saving home improvements have a big impact on your home’s resale value? Contact your local Coldwell Banker real estate professional.

Create an Appealing Offer

In an active housing market, when demand exceeds the supply of homes for sale, buyers may find their choices limited, or may even be in ‘bidding wars’. One way to make your offer more appealing, is to accommodate the seller’s terms as closely as possible. For example, if the seller wants a different closing date than what you’d prefer, measure its importance against the value of presenting a clean offer without anything for the seller to object to. What may be a minor consideration to you might have great importance to the seller.

It’s important to remember that if any aspect of an offer is revised, then the entire offer has been refused. That means everything can come back up for negotiation again, including price, or other buyers can enter the picture. Contact us for more tips on how to create an offer that will be most appealing to the seller.