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Cambridge home prices continue to rise despite fewer sales

House prices in Cambridge are continuing to rise despite a decrease in sale volumes year-over-year, according to the latest stats from the Cambridge Association of Realtors.

“Home sales were still running at subdued levels in July, which is a story that has not really changed since January,” said Sheldon Barclay, president of the Cambridge Association of Realtors, in a news release. “Even so, the supply is still quite low, but prices have been able to hold on to all of the big gains made in 2016 and early 2017.

In July, the average price of all homes sold was $459,513, up 4.5 per cent from July 2017. Meanwhile, the year-to-date average price was $464,481, up 0.9 per cent from the first seven months of 2017. The dollar value of all home sales this July was $74 million, down 7.1 per cent from the same month in 2017.

In 2018, a total of 1,230 homes were sold between January and the end of July. That was down 26.7 per cent from the same period in 2017.

Statistics from Cambridge Association of Realtors

There were 259 new residential listings registered this July, which was down 8.2 per cent on a year-over-year basis. July is traditionally a slow time for the housing market.

The real estate board reported having 1.9 months of inventory at the end of July 2018, that’s up a bit from July 2017 when there was 1.7 months of inventory available. The number of months of inventory is the number of months it would take to sell current inventories at the current rate of sales activity. July’s figure is still well below the long-term average of 5.1 months for this time of year.

The total number of units of all types of property sold in July was 167. That’s a 13.5 per cent decrease for the same month in 2017. The total dollar value of all properties sold was $81.6 million, down 9.5 per cent from July 2017.

Sep 06, 2018 by Ray Martin,  Cambridge Times

Home News – Spring 2018

Colour says curb appeal this spring

Whether you’re preparing to put your home on the market or just want to give your property a fresh new look, nothing says spring like a burst of colour. Planting flowers is always a good way to start. Annuals deliver bright colours for a season, but they can be labour intensive since you have to plant new ones every year. Annuals can also be less drought tolerant than perennial flowers. A great solution is to use annuals in easy to reach urns, window boxes and planters.

But why stop at gardening? You can introduce a pop of colour by painting your lawn furniture, flower pots or even your front door. Just be sure your colour selection complements your house and the overall tone of the neighbourhood.

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Canadian real estate forecast for 2019

There’s an active national market on the horizon for Canadian real estate in 2019, according to the latest industry forecasts.

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) has issued its national MLS® sales forecast for 2019. The CREA forecast predicts that national MLS® sales activity will rebound modestly next year to 496,500 units, over this year’s forecast of 479,400 units sold.

The national average price is also forecast to rebound to $513,300 in 2019, placing it roughly in line with the record figure reached in 2017.

Of course, this is just a glimpse of ‘the big picture’ on the national scene. Home prices can vary dramatically between communities, within neighbourhoods, and even on the same street. For a more detailed look at home sale activity and resale prices in your area, contact Gary & Debbie today – your local Coldwell Banker real estate professional.

What’s the right size home for your family?

If you’re thinking about buying a home, there’s a big question that’s likely on your mind, “What size home should I buy?” For some, the answer is simple: As big as you can afford! But that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Home size matters on many levels from personal preference to resale value, future plans, your budget, and more.

There’s a lot more to consider than just square footage. You need to choose your home size not by the numbers but by the feel. Don’t put too much stock in the listing size on paper. Find out in person if each room, bathroom, and living area is large enough for your needs and if the flow is right. Consider things like sight lines and easy access to high traffic areas. Even ceiling height can make a home with a smaller footprint feel spacious.

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