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Congratulations to everyone – we stopped the tax!!

A few weeks ago, we pleaded with Ontarians to help stop an unnecessary tax from being approved by our government which would have homebuyers in Ontario paying an additional tax called the Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT). We asked that you contact your local MPP and voice your disapproval.

We are pleased to announce that this tax have been defeated!!

This morning, Ted McMeekin, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, informed the legislature that the government will not give municipalities the ability to charge a municipal land transfer tax (MLTT).

Below is a copy of the Minister’s statement:

Our government has a strong record of supporting Ontario’s 444 municipalities.  We believe it’s important to have a good working relationship with our municipal partners to ensure that they are able to provide the services their communities need. This year alone, as a result of the combination of provincial uploads and other supports, Ontario’s municipalities are receiving a combined benefit of more than $3.7 billion.

 My job as Minister is to be a voice for our municipal partners. And that means listening carefully to our partners and stakeholders. That’s why, following every municipal election, the province undertakes a regular review of the Municipal Act. We consulted with a wide range of stakeholders during the Municipal Act review period that ended on October 31.

 While we are currently reviewing the feedback from our partners, it is clear is that there has been no call for a Municipal Land Transfer Tax.  I was pleased communicate our government’s position today, that other than in Toronto, where the power already exists, our government will not be extending Municipal Land Transfer Tax powers to other Ontario municipalities.

Thank you again to all those who contacted their MPP and helped to fight this unnecessary tax.

Not Another Tax!!!!! we need your help…

The Ontario Real Estate Association encourages all Ontarians to visit to learn more about the negative impact of the Municipal Land Transfer Tax and stop this tax from spreading province-wide. Buyers currently pay an Ontario Land Transfer Tax when purchasing a home.  The Municipalities want to charge a similar tax to buyers.

If the Municipal Land Transfer Tax were to spread to Cambridge and North Dumfries and charged at a similar rate as Toronto, homebuyers would be forced to pay an additional $2,940.00 on the average priced home of $321,549.00 using 2014 statistics. It would almost double what they already pay in land transfer tax. Our buyers are already stretched – they can’t take another tax burden like the Municipal Land Transfer Tax.

Be sure to visit Don’t Tax My Dream and voice your opinion on this tax.