Canada’s National Field Hockey Team Needs Our Help!

Brienne Stairs is a long time family friend. We have watched her progress from playing high level ice hockey in high school, to playing field hockey at university, to making the Canadian National Women’s Field Hockey Team. The Team is getting ready to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and needs our help. Here’s Brie’s and the team’s story.

My name is Brienne Stairs and I am a member of the Women’s National Field Hockey Team. Myself along with two other teammates (Amanda and Nicole Woodcroft) are from the Kitchener Waterloo region.

I’m writing to you to ask for your help in spreading the word about our crowdfunding campaign. We are in the final year of our push towards Tokyo 2020 Qualification and need as much help as we can get in order to spread the word about our campaign.

A short intro:

– In 2017 all of our government funding was withdrawn
– This meant that on top of training and competing, we had to focus on how we could generate funds to keep our program going
– In 2018 a new coach came on board and suggested we move our home base to Belgium as a more cost effective way of getting valuable game experience
– 22 athletes uprooted their lives without question –  leaving family, partners and friends behind
– We are currently stationed at different clubs throughout Belgium and Holland, but come together as a national team three days a week to train as a collective

We believe that we are doing something unique and want to share our story (and our campaign) with as many people as possible.

So – If you are willing to do any or all of the following, we would be incredibly appreciative.

1. Share our crowdfunding page on your social media outlets – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
Whether this is a post or simply a story – every share helps us boost and maximize visibility!!
You can also use our campaign hashtag #backthewolfpack

2. Share a link to our crowdfunding page on your email newsletter (if applicable)

3. Share a link to our crowdfunding page on your website

4. Any other creative idea you can think of that would spread the word!

** We are not only looking for contributors, but also for individuals willing to share our page within their networks. If you can call on your followers to share the page with their networks this is extremely helpful.

Here is the link to our campaign page where you can read more about our story and what we need the money for (and so you have the link in the case that you are willing to share it):

Amanda, Nikki and I are more than willing to provide more information/do interviews/share your content/give back to you in whatever way you need – so please let us know if we can do anything.

Thanks so much for helping us realize our dream,


Brie Stairs